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Saturday, October 22, 2005

WORDS - unit 12

Last class we first checked the test. In general, you guys did a fantastic job! I'm really proud of you. For the ones who didn't do so well, I'm sure you'll do better in the last part if you make an effort.

We learned a little bit about PALINDROMES and PORTMANTEAUS .

Some examples of palindromes:
dad, radar, refer, noon, sees, nun, pop, level, civic

Some examples of portmanteaus: camcorder, brunch, avionics, bit, electrocute, internet

We also played a bit with making fun poems that rhymed. Laughing was part of the activity! Just read of what some of the groups wrote:

After the test went red
Everyone got sad
And wanted to be dead
The teacher was very bad
And my mom and dad got mad.

My teacher is more than a preacher
She is richer than a fisher!

When I found a Kaleidoscope
I had the hope
To buy a soap
To write this note

Our teacher is the new-age preacher
She says thtT a tattoo is
no longer a taboo
Her boss doesn't allow her to show
but yet we know
Blackmailing is so nice
if we fail she's fired.

Nice, isn't it? I love your creativity.

Well, then, we worked with the vocabulary in the book (page 108):

veggie burger
spin doctor
quality time
road rage
skim milk
snail mail
bad hair day

Then, we checked their meanings on page 109.
Homework: workbook page 64, vocabulary 1 and the two words that form the portmanteau BLOG!

Now, have fun with this WORD GAME!


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