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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Aug 16

Dear Students,

Well, we found out today that Monica likes to play card games on the computer, AS WELL as Luciana. Of course, we have those ones that we knew about... Like Paula, for example! It was the first time I heard about GTA. It is a game full of action, murder, sex. It MEANS THAT it is not really appropriate for kids!

We discussed about a a Korean guy that died because he played computer games for 50 hours. It was certainly more than he could take!!!

Read the news about him.

Problems of the modern times, huh?!

Do you have an opinion about that? How can parents help teenagers understand the dangers of video games? Are there positive aspects about video games? I'll wait for your comments.

Well, in class we also worked with DISCOURSE MARKERS, Student Book page 74 and 75.

Remember, the ones that highlight DIFFERENCES: but now, but then
The ones that ADD SIMILAR INFO: but crucially, but then, it's true that, also, as well, not only
The ones that DRAW CONCLUSIONS: so in this sense, this meant that, it's certainly true that, after all

HOMEWORK for next class: Student Book page 75, number 5.

See you next class.



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