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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Aug 29

Dear students,

We still worked on the past modals and learned expressions using the word LAW.

Can you remember them?

No one is above the LAW, except for the teacher (of course!)
Eliane has already gotten in trouble with the LAW.
Some teens are a LAW unto themselves.
Have you ever taken the LAW into your own hands?
Fernanda is always laying down the LAW.
The teacher's word is LAW!
We found out that some of the students were not LAW-ABIDING citizens....
By LAW, you must respect the teacher!
It is against the LAW to disobey and disrespect the English teacher!

Now, the test is just around the corner... Next Tuesday, September 6th. So start concentrating, focusing and studying. Don't open your books on the day of the test! Stop watching Faustão and profit from the beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon to study a bit.

My tips are the following links:

CTJ e-folder (focus on the QUIA Quizzes activities)

5B Webpage

This practice, together with the workbook and the extra handouts, are certainly more than enough!

Homework for Sep 1: reading page 84
Deadline for composition 2nd draft: Friday, Sep 3, until midnight

See you tomorrow.


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