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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Aug 18

Hi, guys!

I loved our criminal class with so much interaction and learning going on. Do you still remember what a PLAINTIFF, CONTEMPT OF COURT, CROSS-EXAMINE, ARSON, LIBEL mean? If not, review the beginning of unit 9. There are lots of interesting legal words to practice and learn.

We had a new classmate joining our group! Welcome, Guilherme. Now, you are also part of a very nice group of excellent and funny students. You are a lucky guy to be among these special students!

Don't forget the homework: the vocabulary part of the matching I gave you in class (ex. 9A).

And the most exciting part: Composition!!! It's due to Tuesday, if you want the chance of a second draft, or Thursday, if you are going to have only one draft. The guidelines for it are on the workbook, page 45. Try to use some of the expressions suggested there, and do your best! I'm anxious to read your opinion about the most important invention of the 20th century. Remember, I love to receive compositions by email

See you on Tuesday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogger,Guilherme.

Here is when we have much laughs, on the blog...

I hope you have good laughs too! ;)


6:41 PM  
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