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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Unit 10 - Our Classes and What you should know

My dearest students,

After some time without updating our blogger and knowing that some of you DO check it, here I am again! Well, I am really sorry. There are no excuses for not updating it, although I have many! Life has been hectic, I am involved in so many different projects that sometimes I feel dizzy with so much information being processed in my mind. Anyhow, I´d like you to know that I DO care for you, and here is my latest news on the class subject:



Discourse Markers to Contrast Ideas - But, However, Whereas

I like eating bananas, but I hate apples.
I like eating bananas. However, I hate apples.
I like eating bananas, whereas my sister loves apples.

Remember that...
but and whereas contrast ideas WITHIN the same sentence.
whereas is not used when you are contrasting ideas using the same subject.
however contrasts ideas in different sentences.

Refer back to pages 90 and 91, student book and do the exercises in the workbook, page 51.


get + noun = receive/obtain ( I got my first car when I was eighteen.)

get + adjective = become ( I always get nervous before taking a test)

get + gerund = start ( Let´s get moving. Otherwise, we will be late for the game)

= persuade/cause when you want to emphasize the activity ( I got them working hard)

get + infinitive = succeed/have the chance/have the opportunity/manage/ask/persuade ( I got my sister to lend me some money)

get + past participle = passive ( I got chosen to be the class representative)

get + object + past participle = passive causative/get passive ( I get my hair done every week)


high profile
against the clock
exact details
loyal fans
armchair auto racer


at first

first and foremost

first lady

from first to last

first aid



first language

first light

first night


last for

get up the courage

spring to

ask out

run around

pick up

be off

Topics of Class Discussion

Being first

Different types of auto races

Doing something for the first time

Well, this is the summary of the unit. A study guide for you.

Don't forget to refer back to the book, the workbook, and the extra handouts.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Carla. Welcome back! I'm really glad that you got a chance to update our blogger. I liked the tips you posted. They are very useful. I'm sorry you are so overwhelmed but the holiday is coming and you can take a break and rest a little.
Take care,

7:37 AM  
Blogger carla said...


I'm glad to be back!!! And thanks for your prompt feedback. You are a fantastic dedicated student.


9:50 PM  

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