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Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Hi, guys,

It was wonderful to see familiar faces and new ones in class yesterday! I'm sure this semester will be special for you and for me.

As I promised and as you were so curious about this new technological resource that is available on the Internet, the Podcasting, here's the link to learn more about it,

If you want to listen to those news that you listened to, go to the Technological Column. There, you'll find both listenings, the one on Podcasting and the new trends of Cell phones.

Does anybody know what WIKIS are?

Please, share your ideas on the effects of technology in our lives or any other idea that you think is interesting sharing in terms of technological trends.

By the way, Paula and Fernanda, thanks for your comments and I hope to see everybody interacting here.

See you tomorrow.

Have fun and a lot of learning experiences!


Anonymous Paulinha 552 said...

teacher..myself again..
well..i was readin' about that podcasting links that u left here..
i swear to ya..i didn't cheat looking at the portuguese version..
"in my opinion..microwave is the most useful thing that had ever been invented.."..i'm just kiddin'

dulll..i've forgot what hw was i suppose to u mind remember me??i don't think so..u'r very polite..very cute..could u do this favor for me??just once..
pls mail me:

i'll wait for ur answer..


10:35 PM  
Anonymous Paulinha 552 said...

just u to know:
*HW = homework

10:35 PM  

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